Ministry of Information and Communications officially receives VMS and Posts & Telecommunications Institute of Technology

July 21, 2014 | 01:09 pm GMT+7

On July, 10th, 2014, in Hanoi, Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) and Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (VNPT) held the ceremony in handover the state ownership from VNPT to MIC in VMS and Post & Telecommunications Institute of Institute (PTIT) , under Prime Minister"s 888/QD-TTg Decision dated June, 10th, 2014; and Minister of Information and Communications’ 878/QD-BTTTT and 877/QD-BTTTT Decisions dated June, 27th, 2014.

Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang and VNPT Chairman Pham Long Tran signed the handover minutes under the witness of leaders of MIC and VNPT

Attending the ceremony were: Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Bac Son, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Le Nam Thang, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Minh Hong, Chairman of the Board member of VNPT Pham Long Tran, VNPT CEO Tran Manh Hung, MobiFone General Director Mai Van Binh, Director of Posts and Telecommunications Technology Institute Hoang Minh, representatives of other ministries, sectors and former leaders of Postal Sector.

Under these decisions, VNPT would handover the status quo organizational structure and personnel of VMS and Institute to MIC. Assets, liabilities and capital of the 02 units would be handed over on the basis of financial statements of the first 6 months of 2014.
Speaking at the handover ceremony, Minister Nguyen Bac Son emphasized that the separation would certainly cause a lot of thoughts, but to comply with the issued policies to facilitate the common cooperation and development,  VNPT, VMS and Institute should continue to maintain existing relationships. MIC committed to consult the Government in building mechanisms and policies to facilitate the telecommunications market, IT development efficiently and  successfully.
Shortly after the restructuring scheme was approved by Prime Minister, VNPT had implemented its restructuring roadmap and the handover of VMS and Institute was one of the first steps in this roadmap. The restructuring placed VNPT and all separated units in challenges but also opened new opportunities.
VNPT Chairman Pham Long Tran confirmed, though no longer being  members of VNPT, but  these two units could still receive  necessary supports  from VNPT  for the national telecommunications, IT  and  VNPT as well as these own units’ development.