Ministry of Information and Communications informed Prime Minister’s conclusion about VNPT’s restructuring

April 14, 2014 | 10:15 am GMT+7

On April, 08th, 2014, in Hanoi, Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), under the chairmanship of Minister Nguyen Bac Son, held a conference to announce Prime Minister’s conclusions on restructuring VNPT. The conference was attended by Deputy Ministers: Tran Duc Lai, Nguyen Thanh Hung, Nguyen Minh Hong and Truong Minh Tuan; leaders of MIC’s and VNPT’s units.


At the meeting, Minister informed the process of VNPT’s restructuring scheme. He said, VNPT was a big brand of the country. In recent years, the Party, State and Government highly appreciated VNPT as a pioneer in applications of advanced technology in its production and business. VNPT had contributed in creating a new face for the country, both in the field of telecommunications and IT applications as well as in social, economic development. VNPT had a huge role in the Information and Communication sector, and was the pride of the country and all state-owned enterprises.

Minister also mentioned briefly about the basis and main reasons in restructuring VNPT. That was to increase VNPT’s competitive strength to develop, innovate and confirm its brand, in accordance with the current law. The process, from developing to summiting and approving, was public, transparent under the purpose of creating conditions for Mobifone, Vinaphone in particular and VNPT in general to develop strongly.

On April, 07th, 2014, Government Office released the 142/TB-VPCP Announcement concerning Prime Minister’s conclusions in restructuring VNPT. At this conference, Minister Nguyen Bac Son informed main contents of the Announcement. Accordingly, VNPT’s restructuring was: Transfer Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Company (VMS) and Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Technology to Ministry of Information and Communications; Prime Minister assigned Ministry of Information and Communications set up the equitizing plan for VMS, which would clarify and propose the use of money gained from equitization, to summit to Prime Minister for approval and implement in 2014; Ministry of Information and Communications guided Institute of Posts and Telecommunications Technology in operation to ensure the balance in revenue and expenditure, not using the state budget; Transfer VNPT’s hospitals, nursing homes, telecommunications and information technology colleges, as proposed by Ministry of Information and Communications, to locals’ management; Do not transfer the ownership of state capital in 62 shareholding companies mentioned in the scheme and Vinasat 1 , Vinasat 2 systems out of VNPT; Restructuring Post Financial Company under the 15/NQ-CP Resolution dated March, 6th, 2014 to accelerate its equitization and divestment of state capital in the company.

To ensure the project implementing schedule, the conference also spent time to listen to VNPT’s leaders opinions, proposed solutions in implementing objectives of the project quickly and efficiently.