Ministries, provinces to receive annual digital transformation ranking

September 28, 2020 | 09:03 am GMT+7

Following the direction of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, chair of the National Committee on E-government, from 2021, a digital transformation ranking will be given to ministries and provinces each year.


 The PM has requested ministries, branches and local authorities to implement digital transformation plans integrated with other issues related to e-government, digital government, smart urban areas and digital economy.

Ministries, branches and local authorities have also been asked to develop online activities, and apply IT in all aspects of socio-economic life after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. When the ‘new normal conditions’ are established, the operation of every agency and institution will run in a digital technology environment.
In order to implement the plan on ranking ministries and provinces from 2021, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has to design criteria for the ranking in 2020.
MIC has been assigned to check and propose the establishment of more concentrated IT zones, and report to the PM for consideration. It also has the task of joining forces with MPI, MOIT and relevant ministries to build a plan on developing the digital economy in Vietnam by 2025, with a vision until 2030.
MIC, MOET (Ministry of Education and Training), MOLISA (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs), Ministry of Home Affairs and relevant ministries have been askef to build a plan for training and developing human resources for digital transformation by 2025.
A plan to support institutions and businesses to deploy digital transformation will also be created.
To continue to improve institutional policies and strategy for e-government development, the PM has asked the Ministry of Public Security to speed up the compilation of the government decree on personal data protection. The draft of the decree must be submitted to the government for promulgation in 2020.
The Government Office will join forces with MIC to complete the procedures and submit to the government for promulgation of the decree on e-identification and authentication in Q3.

MIC will have to submit the draft to the Prime Minister on the strategy on e-government and digital government in 2021-2025 in Q3. The roadmap of the strategy implementation must be suited to world trends and Vietnam's specific conditions.
The creation of two important national databases on population and land, which serve as the foundation for e-government development, should be sped up.
By July 2021, the Ministry of Public Security will have to put into use the national population database, while MONRE will have to complete and put into use the land database by July 2021.