Microsoft and FPT develop strategic partnership

January 23, 2017 | 08:35 am GMT+7

Microsoft and FPT last week signed an Enterprise Agreement focusing on digital transformations and cloud deployments. The agreement tightens the long-term strategic partnership that has been in place for almost 20 years between the two leading IT corporations.


Specifically, FPT will be the first and largest business in Việt Nam to put in place Microsoft’s cloud computing for all operations of the corporation, in a bid to optimise operational efficiencies and improve competitiveness. FPT will also promote Microsoft’s advanced cloud services to the corporation’s clients.
“As two global and local IT corporations, Microsoft and FPT want to continuously strengthen this long-term, sustainable relationship via cooperation in technology. The move to the cloud by Microsoft technology will surely help FPT further develop, complete its mission to adapt technology, and develop the knowledge to enable Việt Nam to reach its potential and partly address socio-economic issues,” stressed Vũ Minh Trí, CEO of Microsoft Việt Nam.
In the first phase, FPT will adopt Microsoft Office 365 and move its entire system and all data to the cloud, at the same time deploying One Drive for Business and Skype for Business to optimise operating performances. In the next phase, FPT and Microsoft will develop the cloud to digitally transform their clients in Việt Nam.
Nowadays, most of the world’s large tech companies have adopted cloud computing. However, in Việt Nam the majority of businesses are still reluctant to move their system and data to the cloud, particularly large companies.
Such a large tech corporation as FPT, as it becomes a pioneer in adopting Microsoft Office 365 advanced cloud services for a large number of users, will contribute to encouraging other businesses to adopt cloud technologies. With the strength of Việt Nam’s leading provider of IT services, FPT and Microsoft will jointly develop the cloud market segment in Việt Nam and other countries.