MIC warns ministries, provinces they may not reach digital-data targets

August 24, 2023 | 06:10 am GMT+7

After analyzing the deployment situation in the first months of the year, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) said that ministries and provinces may not be able to complete tasks for the year of national digital data.


It will be impossible to carry out digital transformation if data is lacking. Data are considered an asset and resource. They are the materials and products of digital transformation, digital government, digital economy and digital society development.

The year 2023 has been defined by the National Committee on Digital Transformation as the year of exploiting data to create new value, with the main tasks of digitizing, building, connecting and sharing data among ministries, branches and localities; protecting personal data; and using data to better serve people and businesses.

In the action plan for 2023, the committee clearly stipulates eight important criteria on digital data that must be obtained. This includes 100 percent of ministries, branches and localities releasing a list of databases under their management, and detailed plans and roadmaps to create and deploy databases on the list; 100 percent of ministries, branches and localities issuing plans on open data, including publicizing the open data under state agencies’ management and the minimum levels that need to be reached in every stage; and providing open data for the first time as planned. 

Moreover, more than 30 ministries, branches and localities should deploy the platform to analyze and process data at ministerial and provincial levels, with AI application to optimize operation; and 100 percent ministries, branches and localities should deploy the function of electronic data warehouse of institutions and individuals on information systems, so that people and businesses only have to provide information one time to state agencies when using online public services.

Also in the plan, the committee has set up a roadmap for implementing the key action plans in the year of national digital data, slated for April to December. The action plans focus on several topics, including open data, professional database, data analysis and processing, data administration, data on human resources, national data infrastructure, data connection and sharing, and personal data protection.

Assessing the digital data, MIC and the standing agency of the National Committee on National Digital Transformation said priority has been given to deploying, connecting and sharing for use in basic and essential services for people and businesses, thus improving data-based management efficiency. 

This includes the national database on population; insurance; civil status; business registration; and cadres, civil servants and public employees.

At the same time, the connection and sharing of data via NDXP (National Data Exchange Platform) have been accelerated.

However, MIC found that the results remain unsatisfactory compared with the targets set for 2023.