MIC Minister: chatbot specializing in Vietnam’s culture is needed

March 3, 2023 | 07:45 am GMT+7

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung believes that Vietnam needs a chatbot like ChatGPT that would have deep knowledge about Vietnam’s culture.


On February 27, at the national seminar themed “80-year Outline on Vietnamese Culture (1943-2023): Origin and Motivation for Development”, Hung gave a presentation on digital transformation in Vietnamese culture.

Hung said that nationalization, a scientific basis, and a public mindset is a universal approach in many fields today. Economic, cultural, social and political development all need this approach. Vietnam's digital transformation is based on these principles.

According to the Minister, Vietnam’s digital transformation theory includes the principle of no one is left behind; Make in Vietnam priority, with high technology; solutions for small but essential problems faced by Vietnamese; and digital use in every field and every branch.

Digital transformation is the opportunity for Vietnam to make a breakthrough in development and change its position in the world.

In order to succeed, it needs to be based on Vietnamese characteristics and core strengths. 

Digital transformation must be conducted through science and technology, using new technologies of the 4.0 industrial revolution and new achievements.

He stressed that digital transformation must go through the whole population and in all fields, that is ‘massification’, which means the technology is high, the price is low, the use is easy and friendly, the cheaper cost for the more use, and digital products are reachable to everyone. 

Hung believes that culture needs to be preserved. Preservation in the real world is necessary, but it will be costly. He believed that humans have never before had the opportunity for long and cheap preservation as nowadays. Digitizing heritages and museums can preserve relics for a long time at low costs. With 3D versions with a high accuracy level, relics can be restored when necessary.

Culture needs to be disseminated to the mass. It can be brought into the digital environment and displayed on multiple platforms, with versions on the Ministry of Culture and Tourism website, local websites, electronic newspapers and televisions’ websites. There are also versions on YouTube, Facebook, Zalo and Tiktok. With multiple platforms, culture will be able to reach out to entire people.