MIC exchanges experience with Austria’s telecommunications and media regulators

November 24, 2017 | 10:55 am GMT+7

From November, 19 to 25, the delegation of Ministry of Information and Communications headed by Deputy Minister Pham Hong Hai paid visits to regulators of telecommunications and media of Austria.


The delegation worked with Mr. Johannes Gungl, Managing Director for telecommunications and postal services of the Austrian Broadcasting and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (RTR). Deputy Minister Pham Hong Hai shared the development of Vietnam's telecommunications, media, radio and television. The RTR representative shared information on the development of the Austrian telecommunications market. At present, Austria has completed 4G coverage across the territory and is developing a strategy for the deployment of 5G networks in early 2018. The goal is to make Austria become a nation in the top 5 5G countries in Europe, boosting 5G technology investments, maximizing administrative conditions for 5G deployment, and bringing Austria into the Gigabit community in the shortest time.
The delegation also worked with the Austrian National Television (ORF), represented by Mr. Roland Adrowitzer, Head of the Aboard correspondents Office. At this meeting, Deputy Minister Pham Hong Hai introduced the broadcasting system in Vietnam. Mr. Roland Adrowitzer shared about the ORF system and organization. ORF currently has 16 headquarters overseas, based in 9 Austrian states. In the Austrian market, ORF holds the largest market share of 32%. In the context of fierce competition with the EU (especially Germany) in television and online competitors, ORF has specific policies and activities to ensure the quality of information sources, continuous investment and renovation of infrastructure to provide quality programs for audiences. In this area, the delegation also had a meeting with the Okto Community Television and the Wienner Zeitung Newspaper to discuss the challenges of the press and television in the digital age.
During this time in Austria, the delegation visited the Embassy of Vietnam in Austria. Deputy Minister Pham Hong Hai shared with Ambassador Vu Viet Anh information related to the situation of economic and social development in the country and other issues such as the APEC Summit, the ability to sign the Agreement between Vietnam - Russian Federation on the Glonass Satellite, equitization situation of telecom enterprises. Ambassador Vu Viet Anh thanked the leaders of the MIC for their support for the activities of the Embassy in 2017, especially the successful coordination of the Vietnam Photo and Film Festival in Vienna in July, 2017.