MIC and the US-ASEAN Business Council to strengthen cooperation

March 29, 2018 | 04:04 pm GMT+7

On March 28, Deputy Minister Phan Tam had a meeting with the US-ASEAN Business Council headed by Mr. Michael Michalak - Senior Vice President, Regional Managing Director with the participation of representatives of Facebook, Apple, IBM, Amazon, UPS, Paypal, Time Warners, Nielsen ... and the US Embassy in Hanoi.


At the meeting, Deputy Minister Phan Tam affirmed that MIC was ready to listen to comments from businesses of the US-ASEAN Business Council to perfect legal policies. The Deputy Minister also expressed his wish that US businesses better understood  interests and concerns that the ministry pursued.
The representatives from Amazon Web Services and IBM expressed some comments on the draft Law on Network Security.
Facebook expressed thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry of Information and Communication and hoped to continue to promote cooperation with the Vietnamese operators and confirmed that this field had potential cooperation.
Deputy Minister Phan Tam put forward his views, besides promoting cooperation with Vietnamese operators, encouraging Facebook to cooperate closely with state management agencies in the implementation of Vietnamese laws.
In the field of television, Times Warner representatives highly appreciated the cooperation with MIC in digital copy protection.
In terms of postal services, UPS expressed its desire to cooperate with the Ministry of Information and Communication on security in postal delivery.
Deputy Minister Phan Tam expressed appreciation for the information provided by the US-ASEAN Business Council and said that MIC encouraged American businesses to cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises to apply new technologies and solutions in Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam is developing smart cities, US businesses can participate in these pilot projects. Deputy Minister Phan Tam  wished to continue to hold more meetings to promote cooperation between the two sides in the future.