Malware hidden in Vietnam’s computer system, Bkav warns

August 10, 2016 | 08:21 am GMT+7

Vietnam’s technology group Bkav warned on August 8 that the malware that recently attacked the national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines is also hidden in the websites of government agencies, corporations, banks, research institutes and universities.


According to the Bkav’s malware research unit, the malware is disguised as anti-virus software after breaking into computers. It will connect with a command and control server through the domain name (an imitation of the website of the Communist Party of Vietnam), in which, a name could be customised corresponding to the specific names of organisations or businesses.

The malware is capable of collecting passwords and enabling hackers to control computers from afar.
Vice Chairman in charge of Bkav’s network security Ngo Tuan Anh said the group has issued warnings to government agencies, business groups, banks, research institutes and universities many times since it detected spyware in Vietnam’s computer network in mid-2012.
Users are advised to download a free malware scan tool via the link:
For those using Bkav Pro and Bkav Endpoint, they will receive an automatic update of this tool.
Upon discovering any malware, administrators should immediately alert relevant agencies to scan the whole computer system, he said.