Latest versions of Made-in-Vietnam Bphone launched

May 12, 2020 | 09:57 am GMT+7

Bkav Technology Group officially launched their latest series of Bphones in Hanoi on May 10, including the Bphone B40, B60, B86, and B86s models, the latest high-end smartphones which have been locally produced by the company.


 During a ceremony to mark the launch of the product, BKAV CEO Nguyen Tu Quang stated that the past 10 years has seen the company strive to provide Vietnamese people with a locally-designed Bphone that features the best specifications at an affordable price. Indeed, it is hoped that the latest versions of the Bphone will allow users to enjoy an unlimited range of applications and cutting-edge innovations.

Quang went on to emphasize that the Bphone B86 has the unique ability to discover the location of lost devices, a function that no other manufacturers in the world have been able to implement, a bottomless screen design, macro photography, and full gesture control.
Most notably, the new Bphone has been equipped with a Snapdragon 6150 chip, IP68 + water resistant, and features a customised BOS 8.6 operating system.
A Bkay smartphone is priced at VND5.49 million for the Bphone B40, VND6.99 million for the Bphone B60, VND8.99 million for the Bphone B86, and VND9.99 million for the Bphone B86s.
Both the Bphone B86 and Bphone B86s are scheduled to go on sale on May 17, a week after it is initially launched at Bphone Store and Mobifone stores nationwide. Following this, it is expected that the Bphone B40 and Bphone B60 versions will be marketed one month later on June 17.