Lao journalists equipped with writing skills in Vietnam

June 7, 2016 | 10:05 am GMT+7

As many as 42 Lao reporters and editors are joining a training course jointly held by the Vietnamese Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) and the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of Laos (MICT).


During the course, the 14th of its kind, the Lao journalists will be equipped with how to write articles disseminating political, economic, cultural and social target programmes, focusing on the four categories of printed and online newspapers, and radio and television broadcasting.

Since 2012, thirteen training courses have been organised for more than 400 Lao journalists hailing from centrally-run and grassroots press outlets in the neighbouring country.

Addressing the opening ceremony on June 6, Vilaythong Sisanon, head of the MICT’s Institute of Information, Culture and Tourism, thanked the MIC in particular and the Party, State and people of Vietnam for their contribution to strengthening the troop of Lao journalists.

He affirmed that what the reporters have learnt during the courses in Vietnam have helped enrich their experience and professional skills, which will contribute to the development of mass media in Laos.