Internet users account for 54% of Vietnam’s population after 20 years

November 24, 2017 | 09:30 am GMT+7

The number of internet users in Vietnam has reached 50 million, equivalent to 54% of the population, after two decades since the country officially joined the global interconnected network.


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More than half of Vietnam's population are using the internet
Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan said that the internet has now made its way into every aspect of life and everyone, from farmers and manual workers to students, office workers and doctors, can find information on the internet.
Two decades ago, November 19 marked a significant milestone in the history of Vietnam’s telecommunication sector when the country’s gateway to the information superhighway formally opened.
According to official statistics, internet usage in Vietnam has reached 54%, higher than the global average of 46.46% and Vietnam is among the Asian countries with the largest number of internet users.
Minister Tuan said that compared with 31 million users in 2012, 17 million in 2007, or 205,000 in the early days of internet in Vietnam the figure of 50 million users in 2017 is truly impressive.
Over the past 20 years, Vietnam has also witnessed significant growth in internet-based services and products, such as digital content creation, media, advertising, video games and e-commerce.
In addition, the application of information technology and the internet has made hundreds of public services available online, bringing substantial benefits to the people and enterprises.
Many government agencies and local authorities have also opened social media accounts in order to interact with people faster and more effectively.
However, Vietnam is still faced with a number of internet-borne problems, in addition to positive, transformative changes to social and economic life, said Minister Tuan.
The internet is rife with toxic content, while threats from malicious attacks targeted at enterprises, government agencies and other institutions are growing both in terms of numbers and severity.