Institute launches first training for cybersecurity simulations

November 7, 2016 | 09:18 am GMT+7

The Institute for Cyber Security Research and Training (CSO) has launched a training system for cybersecurity simulations, the first of its kind in Vietnam.


The institute on Thursday ran a cybersecurity drill in which a hacker attacks the computer system of a thermal power plant, taking control of the power supply equipment.     
The country’s first cybersecurity training simulation is based on virtualisation, according to Do Ngoc Duy Trac, Chairman of CSO’s Board of directors.
The training simulates the cyber-systems of state agencies and businesses, including server systems, power stations, cyber-equipment, industrial control equipment and typical cyber-security systems.
The training uses costly, cutting-edge technologies from Israel, according to Trac.
The training involves more than 1,000 scenarios of cyberattacks with simulated devices of power stations, ATM systems, bank server systems and industrial control systems.
It can carry out 20 cybersecurity drills involving more than 200 cyber security experts at the same time.
The training also has automatic attack system scenarios, simulating high-performance cyberattacks with more than 6,000 types of attacks, more than 100 techniques to escape from the defensive system, 30,000 kinds of malware and forms of botnet cybersystems, and dozens of DdoS attacks.        
The simulation helps practitioners respond faster and more effectively to complex and advanced attacks in real situations.
It also acts as a laboratory for testing the capacity of IT systems of government agencies and analysing the operation of malware.