ICT white book 2010 completed basically

June 18, 2010 | 10:12 am GMT+7

Preparation progress of information and communications technology (ICT) white book 2010 was reported to Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Minh Hong by Department of Information Technology on 15, June 2010 and asked for comments from relevant units under Ministry in order to complete the book before its publication.


The ICT white book 2010 will provide information and official statistical data on Vietnam ICT in all field such as infrastructure of ICT, information technology (IT) industry, posts, telecommunication, IT application, information security, IT human resource, policy system, legal documents, Vietnam’s international cooperation on ICT, big ICT companies in Viet Nam, annual outstanding ICT events, ICT awards, top IT companies and organizations.

This is the 2nd year the white book is published by MIC. This year’s white book is structured nearly similar to the white book 2009 and added some information such as: main functions of National Steering Committee on IT, main functions of MIC, IT export and import; data on information security, export and import turnover of IT products, 20009 ICT awards, IT industry and high- tech zone, number of 3G subscribers, IT target etc.

Department of information technology reported and asked for comments from Deputy Minister whether the data of statistical survey on universalization of telephone, Internet and audiovisual services 2010 should be updated into the white book or not because the survey ends on 30, June 2010.

“The time for choosing the statistical data is on December annually, the latest information will be updated on quarter aiming at keeping as archives systematically to be easy for searching and reference. Department of information technology shall review the content of both Vietnamese and English and send to Units for last comments on 21 June”, Deputy Minister concluded.