ICT firms need to offer better products, services

December 16, 2022 | 01:10 pm GMT+7

According to the Authority of Information Security (AIS), Vietnam’s information security firms can master 90 percent of product lines but only account for one-third of market value.


Ensuring information security is an important factor in the national digital transformation process and the national cybersecurity strategy to 2030. 

This depends heavily on information security products, services and solutions mastered by Vietnamese enterprises, said Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huu Dung at the 2022 ‘Golden Key’ awarding ceremony yesterday.

AIS’ statistics show a big gap between revenue of domestic and foreign information security products. 

The revenue of domestic products is 60 percent of foreign products. This means that though mastering over 90 percent of product lines, Vietnam’s businesses account for only one-third of the market value.

“The key is the market. The market is open which conforms to supply and demand. The core issue is that Vietnam’s enterprises must create good products and good services, and even better than foreign goods and services,” Deputy Minister Dung said.

He said that a product needs to be good in functions and technical features; support processes; support personnel; and understand specific Vietnamese requirements. 

Of the four factors, the functions and technical features will be evaluated by the market. Meanwhile, Make-in-Vietnam products have advantages in the three remaining areas which Vietnam’s enterprises need to take full advantage of.

In the past four years, the “Golden Key’ program has honored 154 enterprises with excellent products and services. This year the number of services meeting criteria to get the ‘Golden Key’ title increased sharply, equal to that of products and solutions, which showed progress in the domestic information security service market.

Some outstanding information security solutions this year included wi-fi safety for families protecting children online, digital signatures from afar, and electronic authentication.