ICT applications and development must be important tasks of the political system and society

September 26, 2016 | 12:23 pm GMT+7

It was confirmed by the Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan at Vietnam ICT Summit) 2016, with the theme "Digital revolution - opportunities and challenges" took place on September, 24 in Hanoi.


Speaking at the Summit, Minister Truong Minh Tuan emphasized the great progress of ICT in Vietnam and around the world. Besides its benefits and opportunities, the digital revolution is also creating difficulties and challenges, even threats to the national security.
The whole world is entering the digital revolution. Many businesses in Vietnam in particular and the world in general are only aware of its benefits, but lack of their readiness for its negative impacts, cyber attacks becoming more frequently with broader scopes. This risk warns ICT management authorities, businesses to be more serious about cyber information security to promote the application and development of ICT.
Vietnam is increasingly integrating into the world through free trade agreements. ICT has been identified as one of the most important engines to form the knowledge-based economy, information society to enhance the national competitiveness, speed up the industrialization and modernization, ensure the rapid, sustainable development of Vietnam to become a strong ICT country.

To ensure ICT benefits and opportunities for Vietnamese people as well as businesses, Minister Truong Minh Tuan has proposed many solutions to bring Vietnam ICT to a new height of development.

Firstly, to focus on human resources, MIC will develop mechanisms and policies to promote the development of ICT human resources focusing on increasing rates of international qualified ones.
Policies promoting investment, infrastructure, new technologies, ICT applications, security will be enhanced to bring ICT to all parts of the country. This is an important condition to create a foundation for Vietnam’s digital economy.
MIC will propose policies supporting investment activities of ICT industry in Vietnam to bring the IT industry become a key technique sector of the country.
ICT application is an important task of the entire political system and society, an important content of the entire strategy, plan from the central to local levels.
These advanced technologies in addition to opening up opportunities, but also creating risks to information security impact the national security. As the State management authority  in the field of post, telecommunication, ICT, MIC will be active in policy development, guidance to ensure the safety of national information systems.
In particular, the Minister called on the ICT business community as well as individuals to involve with government agencies in ensuring information security in the ICT development process in Vietnam.