Humanity, accuracy and objectivity are the core values of journalism

December 30, 2022 | 10:27 am GMT+7

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Lam said humanity, accuracy and objectivity are the core values of journalism and the reasons for journalism to exist.


 A humane journalism will help protect and promote the good values of society.

On December 24, at the National Press Conference that reviewed work in 2022 and discussed tasks in 2023, Lam launched a campaign in accordance with the Prime Minister’s Decision 1256 dated December 9.

Lam cited the 13th Party Congress’ resolution as saying that Vietnam needs to ‘build a professional, humane and modern journalism and communication platform’, in which humanity, accuracy, and objectivity are the core values and the reason for the existence of journalism. A humane journalism will have the strength of protecting and promoting the good values of the society.

Lam said many press agencies have good columns, interesting articles of significance that are moving and emotional.

Suc khoe va Doi song (Heath and Life) newspaper, for example, had a series of articles titled ‘Su song hoi sinh’ (the resurrection of life). Each report in the series was about physicians and medical workers who fought against Covid at epicenters.

To Quoc (The Fatherland) has a column ‘Dao duc va xa hoi’ (Morality and the society) with a series of articles ‘Tu hao Vietnam’ (the Vietnamese pride) that honors individuals who devote themselves to the community.

Other newspapers were mentioned thanks to their good articles with good content and effects. However, there is also negative information in the press.

Lam stressed there are inadequacies, deviations and negligence on the part of reporters, of some editorial boards and journals. Many bulletins and articles lack humanity, while they provide sensational information to lure readers and views. The reporters and newspapers deliberately ignore the core value of journalism.

In the capacity of supervising, criticizing and struggling against negative phenomena, many articles and journalists focus on writing about the dark side of the society, criticizing people and organizations, and providing information without convincing evidence.

False, unverified information can cause a business to fail, hundreds of thousands of workers to lose their jobs, or to dishonor or upset a man’s life.

Some newspapers tend not to publish articles about good people in the society and inspiring characters as they think that such articles won’t attract readers.

When the press reflects life through a distorted lens and with negative energy, negative information would become the mainstream and obscure the good and positive aspects of society.