HCMC to upgrade BTS stations

January 10, 2017 | 09:59 am GMT+7

HCM City officials have asked telecommunications companies to redesign or replace more than 5,000 base transceiver stations (BTSs) located on top of houses and other buildings.


Under a plan to improve telecommunications and technical infrastructure by 2025, the city has asked the companies to redesign 1,475 BTSs into compact or “disguised” forms from this year to 2020.
The target is 3,742 BTSs by 2025, with a priority given to those located in the city centre and 13 inner-city districts, according to the city authority last week.
To save space, the city has asked telecom companies to incorporate an integrated antenna system, including road signs, traffic signals and public lights on BTSs.
Some of the BTSs would be located on pavements and traffic roundabouts, and later, trees would be planted in the areas.
The city has also encouraged telecom companies to share BTSs to save costs as well as limit the number of BTSs.
A representative from the Department of Information and Telecommunications, which acts as a consultant for the city, said the department had planned years ago to redesign BTSs but little had been done.
In June, the plan to improve telecommunications infrastructure by 2025 was approved by the city’s People’s Committee.
The plan aims to improve the urban landscape and ensure sustainable development of telecom infrastructure. The designs for the BTSs must conform strictly to city regulations in terms of shape, height and width.   
In recent years, a boom in information and telecom demand has led to an increasing number of BTSs in the city, most of which are bulky and poorly designed. Some BTSs have fallen over during storms or high winds.  
In April, the Department of Information and Telecommunications sent 16 BTS designs to telecom companies for reference and application.
However, a representative of a telecommunication equipment firm, who declined to be named, said: “We have not received any information about the plan.”