HCM City needs to speed up digital transformation process: city leaders

November 23, 2020 | 09:47 am GMT+7

HCM City should focus on accelerating the digital transformation process and form stronger links between businesses and authorities, local leaders have said.


 The COVID-19 pandemic had changed the world, former Secretary of the HCM City Party Committee, Nguyễn Thiện Nhân said and pointed out that Việt Nam had also experienced an “opportunity year” to strengthen its internal forces without the usual competitive pressure. 

Businesses should take advantage of the situation and conduct digital transformation as soon as possible, he said.
“Both businesses and relevant authorities should carry out data resources digitalisation,” Nhân said.
He said it would be a waste of resources if each firm has a separate digital consulting unit, and that ones with the same data structure should be linked together.
Nhân said that businesses that provide digital solutions should cooperate and form groups to offer specific services for each industry in an efficient and affordable way. 
As for investment, banks should evaluate the level of risk in each industry that is digitising before agreeing on a financial support package, he said.
The chairman of the TMA Solutions Company, Nguyễn Hữu Lệ, noted that the Government was a big customer in the economy, especially in times of difficulty. Việt Nam needed to increase its budget to accelerate the building of an e-government and national database, connect relevant authorities, implement a 5G network, and encourage online meetings, Lệ said.
By taking those steps, the State would be a pioneer in the application of technology, while at the same time, it would promote the development of the digital market, he added.
Public awareness
Following the National Digital Transformation Programme that was launched one year ago, the HCM City People’s Committee on July 3 approved the city’s Digital Transformation Programme.
HCM City aims to become a smart city with  an innovative and comprehensive digital government and digital enterprises from now to 2030.
Deputy Director of the HCM City Department of Information and Communications Võ Thị Trung Trinh, said that raising public awareness about digital transformation should be a top priority. Participants must have a new way of thinking and adapt to the rapidly changing living environment and the fourth industrial revolution.
This could be done via training and self-study, she said.
HCM City in the near future plans to organise training sessions and seminars on digital transformation and educate individuals and organisations on the topic. 
At least two data centres in HCM City with high computing capacity, cloud computing technology, and super converging architecture will be introduced as well.
HCM City’s open data ecosystem and shared data warehouse will also be established to share relevant data to those in need and encourage them to take a more proactive role in authorities’ activities.