Hanoi to host autumn book festival

August 17, 2016 | 03:28 pm GMT+7

Thousands of books in numerous genres will be introduced at the 2016 Autumn Book Festival that will take place at Thong Nhat Park in Hanoi from September 9-13, announced the Ministry of Information and Communication.


At the festival, new books, best sellers, and latest publications with diverse themes are expected to meet the demands of different readers.

In addition, an area will be used to display e-books as well as for publishing houses to introduce their online books and install free apps for reading books online.
Visitors will also have a chance to learn more about calligraphy, as well as read books while enjoying coffee and tea. Moreover, products and achievements in publishing, information, technology and communications will be introduced to readers.
On the sideline of the event, numerous talks between famous authors and readers, as well as forums and seminars on topics related to books, culture, politics, history, copyright and translation will also be held, which are expected to attract a large number of book lovers.
During the festival, children can take part in various painting classes and fun mini games as well as learn about tangible and intangible world heritages in Vietnam through communication activities.
The Autumn Book Festival aims to inspire enthusiasm for reading among the community, particularly younger generations. It also contributes to the growth in production and business of publishing houses as well as development of the information, technology and communication units.