Gov’t issues new national cybersecurity strategy

August 11, 2022 | 11:15 am GMT+7

The Government has issued a national cybersecurity strategy in response to cyberspace challenges till 2025 with a vision towards 2030.


Under the strategy, the Government targets to maintain Viet Nam's ranking on global cybersecurity index to 25th-30th by 2025. 

To realize the above targets, the strategy figures out major tasks and solutions as follows:

1 - Strengthen the leadership of the Party and management of the State over cybersecurity.

2 - Complete the legal framework

3 - Protect national sovereignty in cyberspace

4 - Safeguard digital infrastructure, digital platforms, digital data and national cyber infrastructure

5 - Protect the information system of the Party and State agencies

6 - Protect information systems of crucial sectors that need to be prioritized to ensure information security

7 - Create digital trust; build an honest, civilized and healthy network environment; and prevent and combat law violations on cyberspace

8 – Enhance technological mastery and autonomy to actively cope with cyberspace challenges 

9 - Train and develop human resource

10 - Communicate and raise awareness of cybersecurity skills

11 - Improve national prestige and fostering international integration

12 - Secure funding for implementation 

Meanwhile, incident response teams of 11 priority sectors for network information security will be formed. 

The 11 key areas include transport, energy, natural resources and environment, information, health, finance, banking, defense, security, social order and safety, urban areas, and the Government's direction and administration. 

According to a report released by the ITU in June 2021, Viet Nam jumped 25 places after two years to rank 25th out of 194 countries and territories worldwide in the GCI in 2020.

Viet Nam ranked seventh in Asia-Pacific region and fourth among ASEAN countries in the field.