Government prohibits sales of personal data

May 4, 2023 | 03:47 pm GMT+7

The Government has decreed that sales of personal data shall be prohibited, according to newly-issued Decree 13/2023/ND-CP dated April 17.


Organizations and individuals who breach the above regulation shall be disciplined, subject to a penalty of administrative offence, or be criminally prosecuted, depending on the nature and seriously of the breach.

The Government is set to build mechanisms on international cooperation in this area in a bid to facilitate mutual judicial assistance and technology transfer in this domain.

Personal data is divided into two categories: basic data and sensitive data.

Basic data includes information on date of birth, date of death or missing, place of birth, place of residence, nationality, personal image, telephone, number of identity card, number of passport, driving license, vehicle plate, personal tax code, social insurance code, health insurance code, marriage status, family relations.

Sensitive data includes political viewpoint, religion, health condition, racial or ethnic origin, genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, criminal charge or conviction, bank account, bank deposit, bank transaction, among others./.