Flappy Bird, Politaire show Vietnam doesn’t lack talent

January 18, 2017 | 08:51 am GMT+7

After Nguyen Ha Dong’s Flappy Bird emerged in early 2014, marking Vietnam’s position in the world market, Vietnam’s game industry developed rapidly with numerous game studios, big and small.


A game named Politaire developed by Pine Entertainment is listed among the 10 most interesting games on Apple Store. 

Thai Thanh Liem, the founder of Pine Entertainment, said he began thinking of developing the game when he saw a young man at a café playing Solitaire, a familiar game on Microsoft’s Windows on computer.

Liem believed that there is no game of this kind reserved for mobile phones. Solitaire could not be displayed on mobile devices which have small screens. 

Just within two weeks, the programmers of Pine Entertainment could complete the game. This is the combination between classic Solitaire with Poker, while the image design is not too complicated, the play creative and the rules are simple. 

The game was officially put on AppStore in mid-July 2016, and later on Google Play. 

Established in 2012, Pine Entertainment is a success story of technology startups. With about 30 members, the studio has created many interesting games available in the international market such as Pocket Army and Century City which was recognized by Apple as one of 10 most game clickers in 2015, and 99 Challenges (top 1 in the US market), Mine Blitz (top 10 games in North America. It is about to be distributed on Google Play).

Liem said though Politaire has had big success, he still was surprised when Apple recognized it as one of the 10 most outstanding games of the year, because he admitted there are still some problems to be fixed.

Even though the game has not reached 1 million downloads, Liem said that Apple always sets very high requirements on the design and friendliness to users. The products must also be original and creative.

Politaire is specifically designed for mobile device users, from gameplay to the use of thumbs. In graphics. The game looks simple, but Pine Entertainment had to spend more time to create Politaire which follows the trend of beauty in simplicity.

When asked about revenue, Liem saiid his main desire was to see the popularity of games in the community of mobile device users increase, so that gamers know more about Vietnamese games. 

Dong, who gained great success and big money with Flappy Bird, has announced will provide funds of up to VND200 million each to student projects in Robotics, AI, Social, Community and Education.