Firms urged to cooperate to accelerate 5G in Vietnam

August 29, 2022 | 09:05 am GMT+7

In order to make 5G technology a part of digital transformation efforts and Industry 4.0 in Vietnam, it is necessary not only to build telecoms network infrastructure but also develop a 5G mobile ecosystem.


It's a task that no single company or carrier can do.

This information was provided at a conference titled “Accelerating 5G connections in Vietnam” held in Hanoi on August 26.

Organised by Qualcomm Technologies and Samsung, the event emphasised the need for close cooperation among stakeholders to jointly achieve the set goals. The conference was also a place for representatives from stakeholders to share their insights on how to scale up 5G in the country.

O.H. Kwon, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (in South Korea) and President of Qualcomm in Korea and Asia-Pacific (APAC), said: “Building a broad 5G mobile ecosystem in Vietnam requires the participation of different stakeholders from the Government and businesses. By bringing everyone together, we believe that we can establish a partnership between companies and organisations and work together to help Vietnam get closer to its set 5G plan and targets. Qualcomm Technologies remains committed to working closely with stakeholders by sharing its expertise and technology, thereby realising common goals.”

Kevin Lee, General Director of Samsung Vina said: “We use products and technologies created by Qualcomm every day, especially Samsung's 5G-enabled smartphones such as the Galaxy Z, S or A series. Samsung is delighted to have the opportunity for long-term cooperation with Qualcomm in the production of Snapdragon chips. I believe that the strategic partnership of Qualcomm and Samsung will accelerate the digital transformation process in Vietnam to a new level, bringing a super-speed experience to users in the future.”

Nguyen Phong Nha, Deputy Director General of the Department of Telecommunications under the Ministry of Information and Communications, said: “Vietnam aims to soon cover 5G in hi-tech parks, research centres and industrial parks that need 5G application as soon as licensing. By 2025, the population basically will have 5G coverage and by 2030, all people will have 5G coverage. With the available broadband telecoms infrastructure via fiber optic and mobile, 5G technology will be the premise for all industries and sectors in the economy to implement digital transformation, ready for Industry 4.0. We highly value the efforts from Qualcomm Technologies and Samsung for leading the way in bringing stakeholders together to further accelerate the adoption of 5G technology in Vietnam.”

Tran Huu Quyen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VNPT Technology, a member of VNPT Group, said: “5G will help build a connected society and facilitate the deployment of online services on the digital platform to all people and organisations. With that awareness, we have been working hard to develop products and solutions as well as participate in deploying digital connection infrastructure, digital platforms, effectively utilising and promoting the benefits of 5G technology, contributing to building digital infrastructure to promote national digital transformation.”

Since 2020, Vietnam has been one of the first countries to pilot and apply 5G. This is made possible thanks to the Government's vision of promoting Industry 4.0, thereby accelerating Vietnam's digital transformation.

Many partners in the ecosystem have been investing in domestic 5G deployment as well as developing products that take advantage of the 5G technology’s benefits, Qualcomm Technologies and Samsung believed that closer cooperation among all stakeholders will support the promotion of 5G across the country./.