Enterprises need suitable solutions for successful digital transformation

May 29, 2023 | 05:02 am GMT+7

For successful digital transformation, enterprises must understand clearly the changes associated with their business model, target, value and culture to choose suitable solutions, according to experts.


Van Ngoc An, an expert of the Digital Transformation Business Support Programme under the USAID LinkSME Project, said that digital transformation solutions for enterprises have covered many fields.

This development helps many enterprises have a lot of information to choose the right solution, but it also makes them unable to evaluate the efficiency of the solutions for their business as well as the ability of the solution providers, An said.

A report on the readiness for digital transformation of Viet Nam's enterprises recently released has shown that 12 out of 16 surveyed economic sectors have an above-mid level of readiness.

That means most of the surveyed industries have developed or are developing digitisation goals in strategic planning. Along with that, they have established management positions or separate digital transformation projects.

This is a positive signal that enterprises in most industries are ready for this digital transformation.

However, in measuring and managing the implementation of digital transformation at an enterprise-wide scale, according to the report, there are still many challenges that need to be solved, especially in industries relating to the production and consumption of goods or services in direct to customer methods such as agriculture, forestry, fishery, processing and manufacturing technology, wholesale and retail, repair of motor vehicles, accommodation and catering services, and construction.

According to this report, digital transformation projects can affect the operation model of enterprises, specific processes and activities. They may also affect the organisational structure, personnel and culture of the enterprise, and habits and ways of working. Therefore, businesses need to be ready to make necessary and appropriate adjustments.

For small and micro enterprises, this is not too big a problem. But it is a huge barrier for medium- and large-sized enterprises having a complex organisational structure with many departments, divisions and levels of management.

At present, digital solutions of domestic and foreign suppliers are very diverse and abundant in the domestic market. However, determining what is a suitable solution to the conditions and needs of the enterprises is not simple, especially for medium and large-sized enterprises, which need complex technological solutions and high cost.

Therefore, most enterprises decide to buy solutions through the consultancy of technology solution providers. Sometimes, the consultancy is not objective or suitable for their production and business facilities.

The report has recommended that agencies and organisations are needed as an independent channel to assess the advantages and disadvantages of the technology solutions based on analysing suitability for enterprises so the enterprises will actively choose useful solutions.

Regarding the challenges that businesses face in the digital transformation process, Le Thanh Tam, director of Myone Fashion Co, Ltd., said that Myone has taken many years to find a software supplier partner.

Le Huu Nghia, director of Le Thanh Construction and Trading Co, Ltd., said the company once had to stop a contract on writing software with a digital transformation solution provider.

This company used to work with large partners, but finally, it still had to choose a small digital transformation consulting company because it provided suitable services, Nghia said.

According to An, during digital transformation, many businesses have been forced to change solution providers because the proposed solution is not suitable for the production, business, provision of service and culture of the business.

Dinh Duc Thu, head of the Corporate and Clients Department, VNPT Telecommunications Services Corporation (Vinaphone), said to implement digital transformation, business leaders need to understand this issue and the needs of digital transformation for them. Then, they must plan and choose suitable partners and consultants to deploy this digital transformation process efficiently.

Thu noted that enterprises should prepare very carefully before making a request. If they cannot make a request, they must hire a consulting company to make the requirements for solution providers. Thus, the new digital transformation process is close to the actual needs.

To support the enterprises in carrying out successful digital transformation, Viet Nam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) has built each package of solutions suitable to the scale, business model, target and value that the enterprises want to achieve.

Especially, the solutions must provide a digital transformation roadmap so that businesses can know the amount of investment capital and work in each stage.

VNPT has built an ecosystem of digital transformation solutions suitable for each type of enterprise, such as business household ecosystems, e-invoice solutions, remote digital signatures or platforms supporting enterprises in digital transformation. These solutions are easy to use and operate, and also very suitable for small and micro enterprises, Thu said.

In addition, according to him, digital transformation must come from the leaders of the business and needs high unity in the leadership and apparatus.