Efforts made to tighten management of information on social networks

January 18, 2024 | 10:11 am GMT+7

The Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) reported that in 2023, it had repeatedly worked with foreign service providers like Meta (Facebook), Google, Apple and TikTok to prevent toxic information and fake news from spreading.

Efforts made to tighten management of information on social networks- Ảnh 1.

Specifically, the authority required these businesses to seriously cooperate and remove contents that violate Vietnamese law and have solutions to prevent and remove incorrect and toxic news on the platforms they provide.

As a result, the response rate for requests to remove malicious information was maintained at over 90%, and the duration for handling and blocking violating information was cut down to 3-24 hours.

All three major social networking platforms - Facebook, Google, and TikTok - have applied AI technology to automatically scan, detect, and handle violating contents as requested by the MIC.

In May 2023, the ministry coordinated with five relevant ministries and sectors to organise a comprehensive inspection over TikTok's operations in Vietnam. On September 29, 2023, it issued a conclusion of the inspection, identifying violations of this social network and requesting relevant agencies to strengthen management of TikTok Singapore's cross-border service provision in Vietnam.

In addition, the ministry stepped up the reception of feedback and verification of fake news by the Vietnam Anti-Fake News Centre (VAFC), labelled fake news and published correct information in the mass media. The website Tingia.gov.vn promptly identified a lot of fake and untrue news and prevented them from spreading.

In addition, the website also coordinated to block and remove more than 800 gambling links, handled a large volume of reactionary and malicious information, and carried articles warning about large-scale fraud and falsehoods.

This year, the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information continues to connect ministries, sectors and localities with the VAFC to form a national-scale information processing network./.