Digital transformation: Minister calls for creative use of online services

March 30, 2020 | 08:35 am GMT+7

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung has called on the community of digital technology firms to be more creative and provide more services on online platforms.


Minister Hung, at an event held recently, said Covid-19 has posed a big challenge as many activities have become stagnant. However, challenges are always associated with opportunities, he said. Following are some of his remarks.

Covid-19 is spread by contact. Digital technology is contactless. Covid-19 helps people rethink many things. It is a breaking point in development and a lot of values and habits will change. Therefore, the biggest opportunity now is to accelerate digital transformation, create digital technology applications and bring all production and business activities to the digital environment.

People in the future will have to face more crises like this, so they have to learn how to increase the resistance capability, become creative, and quickly adapt and recover.

Digital transformation can lead to quick response, quick adaptation and quick innovation. The state, enterprises and the society need to make heavier investments in digital technology. 

Building institutional regime, providing public services online

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has submitted the national digital transformation plan. The plan will be activated nationwide after the Prime Minister signs for promulgation.

In an effort to accelerate digital transformation, the government and state management agencies will make decisions on policies which are still under consideration, including non-cash payment and mobile money, online learning recognition and certificate granting.

Vietnam will prohibit the import of old 2G technology, accelerate the production of low-cost smartphones, develop digital government and make investments to ensure cyber security.

Just in the last month, the number of applications for public service increased by twofold, or the number of one month is equal to 20 years.

MIC has issued legal documents requesting ministries and local authorities to be ready to receive online applications and ensure 30 percent of fourth-level public services by the end of 2020.

The ‘economy at home’ trend

Covid-19 is a new launching pad for the ‘economy at home’ to come to life.

There is now opportunity for digital education to show its preeminence. Lectures can be given online and with advanced technologies, such as virtual reality, which helps lectures become more vivid.

In the healthcare sector, the advantages of remote medical examination have been shown. This eases the burden on hospitals and mitigates the risks of cross infections.

Covid-19 has caused a crisis. As the number of redundant workers is believed to increase, Vietnam needs to think of a digital platform which helps workers improve skills anf rejoin the labor market.