Digital security, confidence: prerequisite for digital transformation

March 18, 2024 | 09:17 am GMT+7

Ensuring cybersecurity when planning an information and communications infrastructure will help maintain a safe environment for national digital transformation.

Digital security, confidence: prerequisite for digital transformation- Ảnh 1.

At the 2020 Vietnam Information Security Day, the head of the information and communications sector pointed out that the mission of ensuring information safety and cybersecurity is protecting the prosperity of Vietnam in cyberspace.

In sync with the national digital transformation program and the national cybersecurity strategy, the information and communications planning for the new period also emphasizes that cybersecurity is the prerequisite associated with digital transformation activities.

Vietnam needs to develop technical systems, solutions and platforms that ensure cybersecurity and serve the digital government, digital economy and digital society, thus helping ensure national security.

This aims at ensuring safety for people, and preserving data and electronic transactions. It is necessary to popularize basic information security tools and services to agencies, organizations, businesses and people.

As a component of the overall information and communication infrastructure, information security is linked with other components to create and maintain a safe and reliable environment for the development of digital government, economy and society.

To create and strengthen digital trust and promote the formation of a 'clean' cyberspace, the planning has set specific goals for the periods until 2025 and 2030.

NCS CEO Vu Ngoc Son said considering cybersecurity as a part of the information and communications infrastructure is right and necessary. Though ensuring information security doesn’t directly create new values, it helps protect values created from other components of the information and communications infrastructure, thereby making an important contribution to the development of the ICT industry and the country.

Commenting about the targeted 100 percent of information safety and cybersecurity goals, he said with the current conditions, implementing the tasks is within reach. Vietnamese information security firms now can master technology and can make most products and solutions to prevent attacks and protect information systems, from small to large ones.

“If we can attain the targets in the planning, I believe that Vietnam will not only create a safe and reliable environment for digital transformation, digital government, economy and society development, but also help heighten Vietnam’s position in the field of information security and cybersecurity,” Son said.

According to the National Institute of Information and Communications Strategy, with the new planning, Vietnam targets becoming a cybersecurity powerhouse to protect national cyberspace sovereignty, and ensure information security and social order and safety.