Deputy Minister Phan Tam met the Japanese People's Friendship Exchange Council

October 5, 2017 | 02:02 pm GMT+7

On October 4, at the headquarters of the MIC, Deputy Minister Phan Tam met with the Japanese People's Friendship Exchange Council (FEC).


Attending the meeting were representatives of some ministrial units. On the Japanese side were Mr. Yashihiko Nakagaki, FEC Vice Chairman and Honorary Advisor on Power Development; Mr. Hiroyuki Yushita, FEC Advisor, former Ambassador of Japan to Vietnam.
At the reception, Deputy Minister Phan Tam welcomed Mr. Yashihiko Nakagaki and the Delegation visited and worked at MIC. At the same time, Deputy Minister emphasized that Vietnam and Japan had a comprehensive cooperation in all fields, especially in the field of ICT.
Deputy PM Phan Tam said that the Government of Vietnam identified ICT as an important infrastructure for industrialization and modernization. Since 2015, Vietnam has emerged as the second largest partner in ICT of Japan. Some Vietnam’s operators has had a number of cooperation programs with Japanese partners to promote the development of telecommunication and IT products and services. Vietnam Post and Japan Post had many programs of cooperation in the field of post and bank.
At the meeting, Mr. Yashihiko Nakagaki expressed his wish to cooperate with Vietnam's telecommunication and IT businesses in the coming time.
Deputy Minister Phan Tam affirmed that the Ministry of Information and Communication always supported cooperation activities between the Council, Japanese enterprises and Vietnamese partners in general on the basis of mutual benefits. In the coming time, MIC expects the FEC will continue to cooperate effectively in the field of IT in Vietnam.