Deputy Minister Phan Tam met Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation

April 26, 2017 | 11:07 am GMT+7

On April 25, Deputy Minister Phan Tam talked with Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Volin Alexey Konstantinovics.


At the meeting, Deputy Minister Phan Tam expressed his appreciation at the development of the traditional relationship between the two countries in general and in the field of information and communication in particular.
Deputy Minister of Communication and Mass Media confirmed that the two countries had great potential for cooperation in the field of ICT, especially in state management experience for Internet development. Ensuring network security is also an area with great potential for cooperation between the two countries. Protecting citizen data is also important not only for individuals but also for e-government.
Deputy Minister Volin Alexey Konstantinovics affirmed that Russia was ready to exchange experiences with Vietnam on e-government, network security, television technology, etc.
Deputy Minister Phan Tam expressed his thanks for the cooperative proposals from Russia and believed that the meeting would open up new opportunities for cooperation in the field of ICT between the two countries.
Deputy Minister Phan Tam said that both Russia and Vietnam were building a digital economy, knowledge economy, in which information and data were the energy. We are responsible for creating a safe, reliable environment. Vietnam is also interested in law enforcement on the Internet, especially cross-border services.
In the field of information security, Vietnam is facing more challenges and Russian experience is very useful. Two years ago, Vietnam sent a delegation of VNCERT experts to Russia to exchange experience. And on the basis of the proposal of Deputy Minister Volin Alexey Konstantinovics, the two sides will promote cooperation in this area.
For digital TV, VTC will be interested in the technology and solutions of RT. The Ministry of Information and Communications encourages cooperation between VTC and Russian partners.