Deputy Minister Phan Tam met Busan Foreign Language University

November 21, 2017 | 11:01 am GMT+7

On November 20, in Hanoi, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Phan Tam received the delegation of Busan Foreign Languages ​ ​University headed by Mr. Lee Jeong Bae, Vice President, President of Korea Information Technology Association.


At the reception, Mr. Lee Jeong Bae gave a brief introduction to the formation and development of Busan Foreign Languages ​​University. At present, Busan Foreign Language University has cooperated with more than 100 universities in 24 countries. In Vietnam, it has had a long-standing relationship since 1997 with the University of Foreign Languages, and since 2002 with the Hanoi Teachers' Training College.
Vice President of Busan Foreign Languages ​​University said that the meeting at MIC would be the first step for the cooperation in education between the Post and Telecommunications Technology Institute and Busan Foreign Languages ​​University, and expressed his hope that in the near future, the University would have concrete and practical cooperative activities, bringing practical effects to students of the two countries such as teaching support; online curriculum; students exchange; establishment of research institutes in the two countries, etc.
Deputy Minister Phan Tam emphasized that the cooperation between Vietnam and Korea had developed strongly and comprehensively in many fields. He appreciated the diversified model of Busan Foreign Languages University and affirmed the potential for cooperation between the Post and Telecommunication Technology Institute and Busan Foreign Languages ​​University, especially in foreign languages ​​and information technology. Leaders of MIC always support the Posts and Telecommunications Technology Institute to promote and expand international cooperation.
He also expressed his hope that the two sides could soon cooperate in the training to improve the quality of teaching and training of IT students in foreign languages to meet the demand of high quality human resources of the country.