Deputy Minister Phan Tam attends the imbX Ministerial Forum and CommunicAsia2017

May 24, 2017 | 11:00 am GMT+7

On May 23, at the International Convention and Exhibition Center Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Deputy Minister Phan Tam attended the Opening Ceremony of CommunicAsia2017 and visited VietNam Pavilion.


VietNam Pavilion at CommunicAsia2017 has the participation of five leading ICT companies in Vietnam including Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT), MobiFone Telecom Corporation, Multimedia Corporation (VTC), FPT Corporation and Saigon Cable Television Company (SCTV).
VNPT Group and its member companies introduce smart solutions such as smart cities, smart agriculture, smart cars, medical solutions, e-government and e-billing. VNPT also introduces IoT solutions and demonstrates IoT applications deployed in Vietnam. VNPT attracts visitors to learn and experience the products of telecommunication network equipment "made in Viet Nam" such as Vivas smartphone, set top box, Wifi router, ADSL moderm, GPON / ONT ...
MobiFone products are a series of new solutions and services such as: MobiFone Next, TIO smart meter, Disney service, Witalk, mSale, big data and smart building. The combination of automation and communication technologies offers a safe and efficient living and working environment and optimal energy savings. The main features of the solution include: smart parking, access control, smart lighting, security cameras, power management, etc.
Very successful in introducing its start-ups at CommunicAsia 2016, this year, FPT Corporation brings to VietNam Pavilion the FPT.AI solution. This solution is the cornerstone of the technology platform for programmers and application developers. FPT.AI has been used to develop business solutions for domestic and foreign businesses.
VTC brings solutions for television services, electronic payment and e-commerce. With the main products are electronic wallet, electronic payment gateway, VTC Pay; Introduction of VTC365 e-commerce services; ITV, VTC Hybrid S1, etc.
SCTV is a provider of multi-brand communications and telecommunication services in Vietnam. At CommunicAsia2017, SCTV introduces Docsic 3.0, VoIP, VoD, VoD/OTT, IPTV, etc.
The CommunicAsia2017 lasts from 22-25 May 2017.
* Previously, on May 22, Deputy Minister Phan Tam attended the imbX Ministerial Conference with the theme "Promoting Digital Economy". At the Forum, Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Information and Communications of Asian countries exchanged and discussed the contents related to the development of digital economy, data and the importance of innovation, the role of government in the sustainable development of the digital economy.