Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong receives Assistant to US Trade Representative

May 23, 2017 | 10:24 am GMT+7

On May 22, Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong received Mrs. Barbara Weisel, Assistant to the US Trade Representative for Asia and the Pacific.


At the reception, Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong highly appreciated the bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and the United States in the recent period. Since July 11, 1995, after more than 20 years of normalization, the bilateral relation has progressed substantially and comprehensively in all fields. In particular, the field of ICT has achieved remarkable results and increasingly proved to be an important bridge contributing to promoting comprehensive partnership between the two countries.
Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong highlighted positive efforts of the United States to invest in Vietnam as well as contribute to the development of new mechanisms and policies in the ICT sector. Almost major US IT corporations have been and invested in Vietnam such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Motorola, Qualcomm, etc. Some social network, cross-border content enterprises, such as Facebook, Google have gained a lot of activities and revenue from Vietnam.
Speaking at the meeting, Mrs. Barbara Weisel expressed the concern of US businesses on the adjustment of international roaming charges to Vietnam; proposed that the Government of Vietnam and the Ministry of Information and Communications created conditions for US businesses to provide cross-border advertising services in Vietnam that created a sustainable and developed business market; as well as specific activities to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and the United States.
Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong appreciated the comments of US businesses. In the near future, the official decision would be made to significantly reduce the international roaming charges to Vietnam. He affirmed that: MIC facilitated the operation of all businesses.
Deputy Minister Nguyen Minh Hong also suggested that the United States cooperated with Vietnam in removing inappropriate information and services that violated Vietnam’s laws to help US cross-border service businesses having a good business market, as well as helping Vietnam to have a healthy and sustainable internet environment.