Deputy Minister Hoang Vinh Bao receives China’s State Council Information Office

November 8, 2017 | 10:55 am GMT+7

On November 7, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Hoang Vinh Bao received the delegation from China's State Council Information Office, headed by Mr. Guo Weimin, Vice President.


At the meeting, Deputy Minister Hoang Vinh Bao welcomed Mr. Guo Weimin and the delegation to visit and work with MIC.
The Deputy Minister briefed about the state management of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC), including post, telecommunications, IT, press and publishing. On cooperative activities between the Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam and the State Information Office, he noted that, along with the development of relations between the two countries, there had been many cooperative activities in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) implemented, notably two MOU for cooperation in the field of publishing, media and foreign affairs signed in 2011.
Mr. Guo Wenmin agreed that the relationship between Vietnam and China was a long-standing traditional friendship and cooperation. On that basis, the cooperation between the two countries in the field of information and communication has been strengthened.