Delegation of the Ministry of Information and Communications to attend the G20 Ministerial Conference in Germany, visit and work in Finland

April 25, 2017 | 10:27 am GMT+7

From 5 to 11 April, the delegation of Ministry of Information and Communications led by Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Hung attended the G20 Digital Ministers Meeting in Germany and worked bilaterally in Finland.


In 2017, Germany hosts the G20 summit (July) and a series of conferences of various levels and sectors of the G20, including the G20 Digital Ministers Meeting from 5-7 April 2017.
The G20 is the forum of 20 economies, including the 19 largest economies in terms of GDP and the European Union. Attending the G20 Digital Ministers Meeting this year were 27 delegations. As the host country for APEC this year, Vietnam is invited as a representative of APEC economies.
The content of the meeting revolved around the following issues: Exploiting digital technology with the foundation of information technology to develop the economy; Expanding the infrastructure of telecommunications and Internet, especially broadband; The legal framework for the deployment of information technology applications, the creation of digital information resources, the assurance of information and data safety; Encouraging competition in digital economy; SME support; Encouraging the development of the Internet (IoT), digital productions; Developing a strategy for the development of working skills as well as life skills for people in the digital economy (opportunities, information sharing, knowledge, access to resources, etc.); Building trust for online customers (in the context of e-commerce development: cross-border cooperation, government commitment, etc.); Ensuring the flow of information for digital economy, privacy, security and information safety (policies, strategies, measures ...); etc.
The Vietnamese delegation together with other countries discussed and contributed directly to the contents of the meeting on the basis of adhering to the main objectives and priorities of APEC 2017 and the topics of interest in the field of information technology, application of information technology for economic development.
At the end of the G20 Digital Ministers Meeting, the delegation visited and worked in Finland from 9-11 April. The delegation met and worked with the Minister of Transport and Communications, the Information Management Authority (FICORA),  Finnish Information Security Association (FISC), Development Policy Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finnish Innovation Foundation (Tekes), visited and worked with some Finnish businesses. During this time, the delegation also visited and worked with the Embassy of Vietnam in Finland.