Consider of not allowing the trade of DVB-T digital terrestrial TV receivers

March 4, 2014 | 02:46 pm GMT+7

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Bac Son – Chairman of the Steering Committee of Viet Nam Television Digitization Project has just concluded the production of digital terrestrial television receivers for the Project. Accordingly, Minister agreed with the proposal of the Assistance Sub-Committee on the need of market orientations to DVB-T2 standard, and regulations on not trading DVB-T digital terrestrial television receivers (STB) on the market at a certain time. Ministry of Information and Communications chairs and considers the promulgation and propaganda of these regulations to enterprises.

Illustration photo (Source: Internet)

For domestic STB production and quality control, it is needed to encourage Vietnam enterprises in producing high-quality and reasonable-priced receivers to create a healthy, competitive environment. Initially, enterprises may need to carry out the pilot of providing receivers for the transformation to digital televisions in Da Nang City and the northern of Quang Nam Province.

Ministry of Information and Communication will chair and coordinate with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Trade on plans as well as deployments in manufacturing, importing and trading digital television receivers in the market.

Ministry of Information and Communications will chair the propaganda on types of DVB-T2 integrated TVs on the specialized electronic information page regarding the TV digitization Project. / .