Computer viruses cause losses of 716 million USD in 2023

January 22, 2024 | 09:53 am GMT+7

Computer viruses caused estimated losses of 17.3 trillion VND (716 million USD) to Vietnamese users in 2023, according to a cybersecurity assessment programme for individual users conducted by Bkav Corporation in December last year.

Computer viruses cause losses of 716 million USD in 2023- Ảnh 1.

This figure has decreased compared to previous years, but the cybersecurity situation in the country still poses numerous challenges as attacks using data-encrypting viruses continue to rise, particularly targeting critical servers.

Computers without internet connections still face Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Additionally, online financial fraud shows no signs of abating.

In 2023, Bkav's malware monitoring and warning system recorded about 745,000 computers infected with account-stealing malware (Facebook, banking), up 40% compared to 2022. Notably, malware such as RedLineStealer, ArkeiStealer, and Fabookie were among the top 20 most prevalent viruses in Vietnam.

Data-stealing viruses are mainly spread through cracked software. Bkav's survey results show that up to 53% of computers in Vietnam use unlicensed software (crack versions).

This is also one of the reasons why about 10% of users in Vietnam had their social networks, email, and bank accounts hacked.

According to Bkav's cybersecurity survey, the ratio of users receiving fraudulent messages and calls continues to increase, reaching 73% in 2023.  Online financial fraud has also exploded in recent years, with victims coming from all classes and living anywhere./.