City upgrades hotline system for infrastructure breakdowns

January 12, 2018 | 09:34 am GMT+7

HCM CITY — The city’s Department of Information and Communications has completed expanding and upgrading the information system for infrastructure breakdowns, called the 1022 system.


The hotline system 1022 in HCM City has been upgraded to better deal with infrastructure breakdowns. – VNS Photo

“By expanding and upgrading the system, HCM City authorities want to solve all technical problems the fastest and most effective way,” Lê Quốc Cường, director of the department, said at a press conference held yesterday.
The system can receive information about breakdowns in the following areas: road landslides and damage; damage to traffic notice boards; water supply and drainage; flooding and water pipe damage; water overflow and stuck drainage systems; broken sewer covers; broken and stolen traffic lights and lights that work at night but not during the day; and damage or problems with trees.
For electricity and telecommunications, all problems such as electricity leakage and broken cables and poles along with information related to the public transport system will be resolved through the 1022 system.
The system is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week and connects 60 industries and 24 districts.
Local residents can phone the number 1022 as they did in the past, but they also can send an SMS to 1022, or email to, or contact the website
They can download the “Tổng đài 1022” application for free, which allows them to take photos and send messages to the system. Replies will be sent back to the sender through mobile applications or email.
“Local residents and the press can supervise relevant authorities and how they cope with problems through the website,” Cường added.
“The time to deal with breakdowns will depend on the level of damage and the process needed in each sector. But it will all occur in the shortest time possible,” he added.
The system opened in early 2013, and by the end of 2017, it had received nearly 651,000 messages about water supply and drainage, care of trees, lighting, electricity, telecommunications and public transport.
“In the future, the system will expand via social networks and camera systems and receive more information from other fields, including the environment, roads and pavement orders,” said Bùi Việt Dương, head of the department’s Telecommunications and Posts sub-department.
“The system will also expand to commune level,” he added.
The hotlines of the city’s Party Committee and Public Services Q&A centre are integrated into the 1022 system.
“I hope in the future that the 1022 system will be the only hotline to receive all kinds of urgent information. If so, that would improve our management,” Nguyễn Thị Việt Thu, head of the city’s Transport Department Office, said.