Children's books aim to stimulate young readers

June 1, 2021 | 09:08 am GMT+7

A new series of books for children to read, touch and feel have been released to mark Children’s Day (June 1).


 The books in the Sờ Chạm (Touch) series feature stories of a day in the life of forest home to a sheep, crocodile, brown bear, hamster and cat.

As well as being entertained by the stories, the children can touch the characters’ fur that has been life-like due to the special design of the books. They can feel the softness, smoothness, or roughness of each animal’s coat on each page.

The Touch series is a project of Đinh Tị Book Company for children aged up to six years old, including two themes - 'Animal World - A Day in Nature' and 'Animal World - Four Beautiful Seasons'. All the pages were made with special materials that are safe for children.

"Children aged up to six tend to want to touch and feel due to their limited ability to express language, that's the idea that has inspired the Touch production team," said Nguyễn Thị Thùy Dương, deputy head of Editor Department of Đinh Tị Book Company.

"We thought why not create a book that children can touch directly the objects and be able to understand real things that they have seen but haven't been able to touch in reality."

According to Trần Lệ Thu, the vice director of the book company, this is a series that has been 100 per cent made in Việt Nam.

"We hope that Touch will not only become a meaningful gift for Vietnamese parents and children on the occasion of Children's Day but also helps them enjoy an interesting and meaningful summer holiday," Thu said.

Along with the 'touching' pages, the stories also provide knowledge about the world portrayed in the books. Corresponding to each image on each page are English words that children can memorise to enrich their English vocabulary.

Other features of the Touch books include the audio section for children to listen to the correct pronunciation of English words and some interactive features for them to learn about numbers.

"When I brought these books home, my daughter was really overjoyed. From a child who was refusing to read books, she immediately took them and held them in her hands," said Phan Hồ Điệp, a mother in Hà Nội.