Changes in regulations on ".vn" domain names proposed

March 18, 2024 | 09:16 am GMT+7

Specifically, inheriting existing regulations, donating, contributing capital and inheriting the right to use the ".vn" domain name will be carried out in accordance with the law on property rights and other relevant regulations.

In the draft decree detailing a number of articles of the Telecommunications Law, the MIC has supplemented and improved regulations on transfer procedures, rights and obligations (including tax obligations) of related parties.

Accordingly, individuals and organisations are requested to change the name of the subject registering to use the Vietnamese national domain name ".vn" in cases where it is necessary to complete the process of donating, contributing capital or inheriting rights of use.

Changing the name of the domain name registrant also needs to be done when an individual or organisation changes its name, divides, splits, merges, consolidates or changes its functions and duties.

Enterprises reorganise or have trading activities, capital contributions, shares, or have functions and tasks transferred from parent companies or other subsidiaries, leading to changes in the right to use domain names.

The ".vn" domain name will be revoked if it is used against the State, violates national security, commits a violation of the law or does not pay maintenance fees.

Regarding procedures for revoking Vietnam's Internet resources, the MIC will notify in the form of direct, mass media, text messages, and websites so that organisations and individuals know at least three months in advance of the time of revocation.

After issuing the decision, the MIC will compensate organisations and individuals whose Internet resources in Vietnam are revoked. Compensation is paid by the State budget.

For Vietnam's Internet resources that are directly allocated or granted, the compensation level is determined by the remaining maintenance fee amount calculated from the time of revocation.

For the Vietnamese national domain name ".vn" granted by auction method of use rights, the compensation level is determined by the auction winning amount.

Statistics from the Vietnam Internet Network Information Centre (VNNIC) show that there are 10 domestic domain name registrars and six foreign registrars currently operating in Vietnam.

Cumulatively registered ".vn" domain names reach 604,000, of which, nearly 19,000 ".vn" domain names have had their use rights transferred by the end of December last year./.