Becoming a cybersecurity power to have peace

March 29, 2021 | 02:20 pm GMT+7

A cybersecurity powerhouse is like a military power in the real world. Vietnam must be a power in cybersecurity.


That was the message from Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung in a speech given on the occasion of Vietnam Information Security Day.

With nearly 10,000 cyber-attacks per minute globally, we are actually living in war - a global war. No one lives in a cyber-environment without risk of attack.

The best of all time are warriors. If we live in war time, with the spirit of fighting, we will be better. The people who are responsible for ensuring cybersecurity must be cybersecurity warriors, peace guardians. You have the chance to be the best.
This global team of warriors, if they stand together, will be the best in the world, will be the winner.
Our prosperity depends on the Internet, but the Internet is insecure. We make the Internet safer; we make the world more prosperous. Cybersecurity protectors are making their country, making the world more prosperous. You are promoting human prosperity.
We have been living in the virtual world for ten years, which is still very primitive, with very little experience, very few regulatory systems, very few systems of government, unlike the real world, which has thousands of years of experience. It is the cybersecurity warriors who create virtual worlds that are as secure as the real world. This is the historic mission given to you.
The real world is about 5,000 years old, while the virtual world is only 10 years old. Let's imagine how primitive our society was 4,990 years ago! The virtual world is now as primitive as that, as humans 4,490 years ago. And here is your chance.
Real life is being reflected into the virtual world, into cyberspace. Much of the logic of real life can be applied to the virtual world. Therefore, the network security team operating in virtual space needs to understand real life, and the logic of real life. You need to live more in real life to do better in the virtual world.
You are living in a rapidly changing environment, the more you have to stay still, immutable. To go fast, you have to rely on a stabilizer, like a fast spinning wheel needs the axle to be stable, to stand still. The faster it is, the more stable it must be. So what is that stability? It is the desire for a better world, the desire for a strong and peaceful nation.
Vietnam has an opportunity to become a powerhouse in cybersecurity. We have missed the chance to become an industrial power, a military power. Cyber is the future of humanity. The cybersecurity powerhouse is like the military power in the real world. Vietnam must be a great power to have lasting peace. You can change the fate of this nation, to turn it into a power in cybersecurity.
With the same starting line with all countries, with strong national aspirations, with a big dream, endless resources in the Vietnamese brain will be exploited, you can turn Vietnam into a great cybersecurity power, protect Vietnam, protect world peace.
Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung