Authority asks for strengthened cyber information security protection

April 2, 2024 | 03:25 pm GMT+7

The Authority of Information Safety has asked information security units of agencies, organisations and businesses to roll out drastic measures to ensure safety for information systems under their management.

Authority asks for strengthened cyber information security protection- Ảnh 1.

The move was made after many information incidents have been reported recently, causing losses in property and harming the reputation of agencies, organisations and businesses as well as the national information security. According to the AIS, the trend of cyber attacks, especially ransomware, is increasing.

The authority asked information security units to complete examination and evaluation of information safety of their information system before April 15. If any loophole is detected, the units must immediately apply correcting measures, especially for information systems that store and process personal information and personal data, it asked.

The authority stressed the need for drastic implementation of tasks stated in Directive 09/CT-TTg issued by the Prime Minister on February 23, 2024 regarding strengthening information safety following different levels, ensuring that all operating information systems have their safety level approved within September, and all information security protection plans are fully implemented no later than December.

Along with applying the four-layer information safety model and maintaining connections and information sharing with the AIS’s National Cyber Security Centre, information safety units are requested to build plans to respond to incident and periodically back up systems and important data, the authority said, requesting them to periodically perform threat hunting and engage in the national network of cyber information security incident response as well.

Following alerts by the authority and relevant agencies, the units should regularly check and update information security patches for important systems, while using AIS-developed platforms such as IRLab (Information Retrieval Lab) and DFLab (Digital Forensic Lab) platforms to receive early warnings and support in incident solving, the authority suggested./.