Are Vietnamese subscribers indifferent to MNP?

December 26, 2018 | 08:49 am GMT+7

Mobile network operators had only 1,000 subscribers each registering for MNP (mobile number portability) two weeks after launching the service on November 16.


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However, it’s too early to say if Vietnamese consumers will remain indifferent to MNP.

The modest number of subscribers registering for MNP was a big surprise. Only 266 subscribers of VinaPhone, MobiFone and Viettel networks registered on the first day. However, the Communication Agency says it’ll take more time to know the number of subscribers interested in the service.

Pham Hong Hai, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication, said in other countries where MNP is provided, about 5 percent of subscribers switch to other networks. 

Nguyen Truong Giang, deputy CEO of VinaPhone, also said the MNP policy will have an impact on network operators, but no one can predict how many subscribers will leave.

The MNP policy has been applied only to post-paid subscribers, who account for only 5 percent of total subscribers in Vietnam. 
The demand from the group of customers is not high, because they are considered more loyal than pre-paid subscribers.

Giang of VinaPhone said the top priority for the network operator is providing services with high quality, because if subscribers do not feel satisfied, they will leave. MNP will prompt mobile network operators to upgrade their quality.

In an effort to retain subscribers, VinaPhone in early August launched a program under which customers have a discount of 10 percent of bills if they commit to become post-paid subscribers for at least 3 years. 

VinaPhone has upgraded 3G/4G quality, renovating customer care programs and diversifying service packages with more preferences offered to specific groups of customers.

VinaPhone said its 4G service will cover 95 percent of the population in 2019.

MobiFone has prepared well for MNP deployment by designing diverse service packages, including the MobiF post-paid package with no monthly subscription fee and  higher 3G/4G capacity.

The network operator has slashed the international roaming fee by 99.9 percent for data service and 77 percent for SMS and voice services.

MobiFone is personalizing service packages to satisfy different groups of customers. It offers VIP & S Class packages to businesspeople with preferences for inner and inter-network calls, data capacity and international roaming. 

As for office workers who love entertainment services, it offers Film+ and Inflix at a daily fee of VND10,000.

Of the three largest operators, Viettel is most confident as it has developed networks in other countries. This allows Viettel to set the same fees for domestic calls and international calls to a number of Asian countries.