AI development strategy to help VN improve its competitiveness: expert

September 10, 2023 | 08:05 am GMT+7

The strategy on researching, developing and utilizing AI will play an important role in helping Vietnam improve its competitiveness and reach socio-economic targets, according to Hexagon’s Vice President Mattias Tidebrink.


The cooperation between Hexagon and Fujitsu to develop digital twin apps that help predict and minimize the impact from natural disasters and traffic accidents has caught attention in Vietnam, which aims to become an AI hub in the region and use technology to solve many domestic problems, including natural disasters and accidents.

Tidebrink, in an interview with VietNamNet, said that digital twin apps can help easily forecast and cope with natural disasters, including typhoons, floods, landslides and forest fires that Vietnam, because of its special geographical position (in the Southeast Asian, suffers regularly.

Hexagon and Fujitsu are developing digital twin apps that calculate the levels and impact of floods based on data about rainfall, model spheres of effects and predict possible damages. The information from the analyses allow local authorities to design reasonable plans to cope with disasters. 

Their solution uses flood forecasting models and rainfall data to perform complex calculations that help model flood conditions and address the challenges in the fields of health, finance and distribution industries. 

The solution also aims at ensuring safety for rescue routes and helping protect local infrastructure amid unpredictable weather conditions and natural disasters, thanks to sensors using IoT and weather forecast service that helps keep watching over temperature and rainfalls.

As such, people and infrastructure will be protected from various threats, including natural disasters and other dangers in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Regarding traffic congestion, a burning issue of large cities such as Hanoi and HCMC, he believes that digital twin solutions can help maintain smooth and effective traffic by supervising and minimizing the factors leading to congestion and accidents.

The Traffic Police Department reported that there were 6,400 deaths because of traffic accidents in Vietnam in 2022, up 10.3 percent over the year before (5,800).  There is a high number of accident cases caused by overly high speed, inaccurate guidance and low quality of road transport. To minimize accidents, one of the important things is mapping localities where accidents often occur, find the reasons and think about solutions. 

Vietnam is pursuing a plan on developing AI and becoming an AI center in the region. It not only runs an AI research and development program, but also has released a strategy on utilizing AI in the socio-economic life. 

Experts believe that AI can become a factor that promotes social progress, economy and governance. Vietnam has activated the national digital transformation strategy by 2025, with vision towards 2030.