Acting Minister Nguyen Manh Hung works with Boston Consulting Group

October 2, 2018 | 10:04 am GMT+7

On October 1, at the MIC head office, Acting Minister Nguyen Manh Hung had a meeting with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) led by Mr. Vincent Chin, Global Director of Public Policy Consulting Department.


At the meeting, Acting Minister Nguyen Manh Hung asked many questions focused on the digital transformation of Vietnam as well as other countries’ experiences.

Mr. Vicent Chin said that BCG would like to share ideas related to digital and smart country development for Vietnam, as well as its digital transformation experience in some countries. According to the BCG’s representative, there are currently about 10 countries implementing digital transformation, and half of them require BCG’s strategic advices.
Answering the question of what Viet Nam should do to become a digital country, the BCG representative shared: creating appropriable mechanisms and policies, flexible legal framework for IT sector; adopting policies to attract talented workforces; investing in infrastructure to ensure development objectives. In addition, the BCG also wants to consult Vietnam in four specific areas: network security; smart factory chain; smart city; digital media industry and smart agriculture.
At the meeting, Acting Minister Nguyen Manh Hung shared some of Vietnam’s strategic objectives: IT enterprise development; Network security; Digital transformation; etc.