5G testing in Vietnam reaches record-breaking speed

September 20, 2021 | 09:07 am GMT+7

The 5G data transmission speed in a test conducted recently in Vietnam reached 4.7Gb/s, 40 times higher than 4G speed and two times higher than existing 5G speed.


The test was jointly conducted by Viettel, Ericsson and Qualcomm at Viettel Innovation Lab. Viettel tested and successfully established 5G data transmission speeds of more than 4.7Gb/s. The speed is 40 times higher than 4G speed and more than two times faster than the existing 5G speed, making this mobile carrier one of the fastest 5G telecommunications networks in Asia.

The test confirms the outstanding capacity of 5G ultra-short wave (mmWave) technology that this operator is deploying in Vietnam. A 5G network with super high speed is the foundation for building smart factories, smart agriculture, smart cities, smart healthcare, smart education...

To achieve a record data transmission speed of 4.7 Gb/s, the research team of Viettel, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies used advanced E-UTRA New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology on 800Mhz ultra-shortwave (mmWave) band to increase speed and extend 5G coverage.

In this test, Viettel used Ericsson radio equipment and Qualcomm's Snapdragon X60 processor.

Research and building of 5G networks is one of six development orientations in Viettel's strategy set out in 2019. This operator is also researching and developing 5G equipment.

Dao Xuan Vu, CEO of Viettel Networks said: "The breakthrough in speed helps increase the efficiency of Viettel's 5G network. We will continue to promote this technology to enable people, businesses, the government and society can experience the distinct benefits of 5G in particular and 4.0 technology in general."