50 platforms launched for digital transformation

November 22, 2022 | 02:46 pm GMT+7

The Ministry of Information and Communications says that more than 50 digital platforms have been created to serve digital transformation for the government, the economy, and society.


Popular platforms in the field of digital government include: cloud computing, local government service platforms, security operation centers, information systems to handle administrative procedures, virtual assistants, digital maps, and new-generation online meeting platforms. 

In the field of digital society, popular platforms include: VTVgo, Voso.vn, Postmart.vn, Be, Zalo, VOVBacsi24, Coc Coc, Map4D, Agribank E-mobile Banking, and BIDV iBank. 

The digital platforms are seen as a breakthrough solution for speeding up digital transformation. 

In February, the Ministry of Information and Communications announced a program to promote the use of national digital platforms. Under the program, the Ministry released the first-ever list of 35 national platforms. 

The digital socio-economic development strategy approved in March named 54 digital platforms, including 35 that will be prioritized this year.

The Ministry of Information and Communications in October also put into operation the National Digital Transformation Portal at dx.gov.vn. 

On this portal, state agencies can find useful information on digital government at tech.mic.gov, which introduces open technology, platforms for digital government development, and models and articles about digital government.

Useful information for businesses can be found on SMEdx page at tech.mic.gov, which introduces platforms for small and medium-sized businesses and models about digital transformation of SMEs.

On dx.gov.vn portal, citizens can find useful information on the digital society page at congdanso.mic.gov.vn, which has platforms to serve people's daily needs as well as instructions on how to use digital products and services.

The Ministry will periodically update and publish the list of national digital platforms on the National Digital Transformation Portal dx.gov.vn.