10 million accounts to be set up on Postmart, Vo So in 2022

March 4, 2022 | 01:25 pm GMT+7

One of the goals of the plan on accelerating the agricultural digital economy in 2022 is establishing 10 million accounts on Postmart and Vo So.


The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) has adjusted the 2022 plan on supporting farming households on e-commerce platforms and the development of the agricultural and rural digital economy.

In addition to the goal of having 10 million active accounts on Postmart and Vo So, the plan has set the goal of having 100 percent of OCOP (one commune-one product) products that meet 3-star requirements set by centrally-run cities/provinces to e-commerce platforms.

Also, Vietnam plans to have 100 percent of farming households on e-commerce platforms trained in digital and business skills.

Active accounts on e-commerce platforms are understood as having one of the following activities: displaying products, seeking products, exchanging information or carrying out transactions.

The plan also aims to help increase the number of transactions and value of transactions on Postmart and Vo So; help farming households promote product consumption on e-commerce sites; and help advertise and introduce products and expand domestic and international markets.

Through e-commerce sites and digital platforms, useful information will be provided to farming households about farm produce markets, predictions about demand, production capacity and weather forecasts, and reports about varieties and fertilizers.

Under the plan, the best products, input materials and tools for agricultural production with high quality and reasonable prices will be introduced and provided.

Six groups of tasks in 2022 have been specified: 1/ digitizing all data about farming households; 2/ organizing transactions on marketplaces; 3/ creating the habit of operating on e-commerce sites; 4/ organizing training courses on digital skills and skills of doing business on e-commerce sites; 5/ running media campaigns about activities of the plan; and 6/providing farming households with information that serves production and business.

Specific goals have been set for each group of tasks. For example, with the task of digitizing data about agricultural production households on e-commerce, the goals in 2022 are to collect and build a list, and standardize information on agricultural production households in centrally-run cities and provinces; and digitize 100 percent of data about farming households to serve transactions and business on e-commerce platforms. Also, media campaigns will encourage farming households to enter e-commerce platforms.

The tasks will be assessed based on two major and two subordinate criteria, which are the volume of information collected by faming households and digitized on e-commerce platforms; the proportion of switching from farming households into suppliers or buyers on e-commerce platforms; the number of agricultural production households trained in sales skills; and the amount of farm produce advertised and sold via e-commerce.