Ministry warns of security breaches

8/19/2019 9:21:00 AM

 The Authority of Information Security under the Ministry of Information and Communications has warned of two security breaches that exist in Remote Desktop Services of the Windows operation system (OS).


 According to the authority, the two breaches may allow hackers to attack fromdistance, install malware and take control of the internet-connected computers.

If one computer on the network is bugged, malware may infect other computers onthe network automatically.

Data from the authority shows that more than 22,000 computers in Vietnam useRemote Desktop Protocol to connect to the internet. If the computers’ OS is notpatched, those computers will become the ideal targets for hackers.

Other breaches have also been discovered by Microsoft – the developer ofWindows. Microsoft has issued patches for those breaches.

To make sure the network and computers in it are secure, the authority hasasked agencies, organisations and businesses to update their computers with thelatest patches.

Users should have strong passwords for their computers and accounts and keepstoring their key data on the server. Network operators must keep monitoringthe network system to discover attacks and should ask for assistance from the authority if needed.