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Wednesday, 28/10/2020

Authority of Information Security

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According to the Decision No. 1281/QD-BTTTT dated September, 9th, 2014 of the Ministry of Information and Communications, providing for the functions, responsibilities, rights and organizational structure of the Authority of Information Security (AIS), the AIS is the state organization to :
Formulate laws, policies and other legislative documents related to information security;
Implement technical and procedural measures, including critical information infrastructure protection and building national-wide infrastructure to protect cyberspace in Vietnam;
Guide and support governmental agencies and other organizations to enhance and protect their information systems from information security risks; Giving out early warning in information security;
Ordinate activities on preventing SPAM in Vietnam;
Monitor and inspect the protection activities on Information security;
Evaluate the level in term of Information security level in organizations and critical information infrastructure.
Besides, AIS also has missions on raising awareness, improving capacity and cooperate with international organizations in information security area.
Director General:
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuc

Deputy Director General:

Mr. Hoang Minh Tien
Tel: +84 2432096789 (ext: 803)
Deputy Director General:
Mr. Nguyen Trong Duong
Deputy Director General:
Mr. Nguyen Khac Lich


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